Trinity Oaks: The Trinity Oaks community of Trinity is sold out, but many homes are available for sale in this prestigious neighborhood. Call us today for a complete list of available homes in Trinity Oaks.

Trinity Oaks, a neighborhood of 248 acres, was the first area within Trinity to be developed. Huge cypress reserves grace this part of the property, providing many of the 420 homeowners here with a pristine and private backyard view. Residents say the gently curving streets, the friendliness of the neighbors and the community pride evident in homeowners' neatly manicured lawns attracted them to this part of the community.

Its residents, the pioneers of the community, started a number of social organizations that are now open to all Trinity residents. Originally established to get neighbors involved and provide a comfortable setting to meet others, these clubs have helped make the homeowners here a more cohesive group

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